Make our successful business, your business
For the first time in South Africa's history, Reliance Auctions has pioneered and launched a property auction
franchise model, with substantial rewards for the entrepreneur both financially and professionally.

The opportunity – a property auction franchise
The brain child of CEO David Soutter, this unique franchise model enables more South Africans to take
advantage of the auction platform when buying and selling property. Owning a home is a vital part of every
community, as it leaves a legacy for future generations. The property market will always have a unique role to
play in the success and prosperity of our country and nation as a whole.

When you invest in a Reliance Auctions franchise, you invest in one of the most exciting, high growth industries
in South Africa. Auction is taking the world by storm as it offers a hassle free method for buying and selling

Reliance Auctions - disrupting the real estate industry
As global trends progressively move towards the auction model, the market has at last woken up to the fact that
auction offers unrivalled benefits over the retail market and Reliance has positioned Itself as a leader in the
auction industry.

It is no secret that since mid-2007, the financing of property has been completely controlled by the banks.
Sellers often have to resell their property several times before a deal eventually goes through. This tedious
process can take anything from between four to six months or in some cases longer, frustrating all parties

On auction this cannot happen as all potential buyers are pre-qualified for finance and their offer is nonsuspensive.
As the hammer goes down the deal is as good as done. This seamless transaction is a watershed
for the market as it removes all uncertainty for both buyers and sellers alike.

Franchising – a proven business model
Worldwide, franchising has proven to be one of the most successful models for expanding a business and, for
the franchisee, one of the most intelligent ways of starting and growing your own business. By combining the
proven business formula of the franchisor with the entrepreneurial drive of the franchisee, a successful
business can be forged.

Our commitment to you
We commit to continually develop Reliance Auctions into a strong, national brand that will enable you to drive
and expand your business. To this end, we offer our absolute, hands-on commitment to your success. In short,
we do everything in our power to create a win-win relationship between Reliance Auctions and our franchise